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PV Service

global service:











Product features

  • Cell type: poly or mono
  • Average power rating: up to 325 Wp ~345WP
  • Available with: 60 or 72 cells (156.75*156.75 mm each)
  • Available products:  CSUN 270-60P  CSUN 275-60P  CSUN 340-72M  CSUN 345-72M
  • Available products: CSUN 280-60M  CSUN 285-60M  CSUN 320-72P  CSUN 325-72P
  • data sheet downloadCSUN_XXX-60P(35mm)-EN   CSUN XXX-72P(50/40mm)-EN 
  • Installation Manual for PV module downloadCSUN Installation Manual for PV modules-2018
  • Contact information: whatsapp: +905439737920

local turkey service :

  • Equipment maintenance:We have a facility-experienced Chinese team which can provide face-to-face on-site equipment repair and maintenance services.  We can solve all the equipment issues  in the module factory. Brands we are familiar with include but not limited to,KFW, ATW, Jinchen, Zhongsen, Peide , Shen Chen, ARD .
  • Turkish Chinese translation:We have a team of experienced translators who are familiar with Chinese, English and Turkish.Our team can help you to solve any language issues for your business.
  • Turkey  China trade:We have a well-developed logistic route between China and Turkey. We also have contact with lots of Chinese suppliers to provide you with a wide range of Chinese products. Our products are not limited to photovoltaic,  but also include mobile phones, electrical appliances, food,costemics, daily necessities, tools, etc.
  • Contact information: whatsapp: +905439737920